About Us


Who We Are:

     We are a small team of game developers who came together at the leading game development school in the nation.  With the help of artists from around the globe we are shooting for creating a series of great new games which are fun to play and not just tired rehashes of the same game.

The Team:

   Hawke – Leader of the pack.  With a focus on art and game design, he leads the creative side of the game development.

   Karratti – The organizer.  Keeping everyone moving in the same direction and keeping the deadlines accurate is his task.

   Bright – Lead programmer.  In charge of all things algorithm, he’s in charge of the engineering.  From the UI to the AI, Bright keeps the 1’s and 0’s in line.

   Priestly – Gameplay Programmer.  Created the core gameplay before being absorbed into the Electronics Arts’ collective.

   Misha – Music and Sound.  This maestro of the game scene is responsible for all you hear, from the chirps of the birds to the grand score that accompanies the fall of your leader.

   Middleton – User Experience Programmer.  Finding bugs and writing code, this programming double threat does it all.

   Jensen – User Interface and Branding Artist.  She creates art from chaos and helps the player make sense of the world of the game.

With contract artists that include:

Aaron McConnell         Johnson Ting
Becky Pennock            Seth Rutledge
Carolina Eade             Suzanne van Pelt
Emily Fiegenschuh      Viktoria Gavrilenko
Jason Metcalf

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